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Welcome to Slightly West DJ Services

Our mission is to rock your wedding like no other party.  Our service is not for everyone, but if you want your wedding dance party to be something a little different, you have come to the right place.


  • Complete music programming from pre-ceremony, to the procession, to the dancefloor
  • Complete PA and sound system
  • Technics turntables
  • Microphone
  • MC Services

Musical Styles

Unlike other wedding mobile sound systems, Slightly West does not attempt to be all things to all people.  We will bring a diversity of pop music styles, from Sinatra to Disco to Big Club Hip-Hop to Top 40, but always with a twist.  You will hear songs you haven’t heard before, lost disco classics that change your idea of what disco and funk are, cutting edge Top 40 remix/mash-ups produced by our DJs and Producers that you won’t hear anywhere else, along with a few classics that your whole family will recognize.  Our programming philosophy is to bias towards great music, to take your evening on a magical journey where you will trust us to play things you don’t know.

How It Works

We will have an initial meeting with you free of charge and give ourselves the chance to get to know each other and see if we vibe.  If we like each other, we can begin to plan the musical program for the evening right away, or if you’re not ready to do that straight away, we can take a second meeting to do so when you have had time to think about how the service we offer will fit with your special night.  There are only 2 of us, so you will meet with the business owners and the talent all at the same time.  We’re just two down-to-earth guys who kept getting asked to DJ our friends’ weddings, and people we didn’t know at those weddings asked us to DJ…


Our fees are very straight forward.

1 DJ + 1 Sound System = $1000 for a minimum of 4 hours and a max of 8 hours.

2 DJs + 2 Sound Systems (to facilitate a smoother music program from ceremony to reception) = $1500 for 4-6 hours, $2000 for 6+ hours.

About Us

Adam Harke/DJ Radem.  Founder of Slightly West, Adam and Steve’s DJ careers have been intertwined since their fateful meeting at the Mt. Baker Snowboard Shop in Glacier, Washington.  Steve jammed his Butt Rock mix tape into the store sound system, and much  beer was consumed, with Adam ending up at Steve’s cabana, where turntables and scratching like gerbils quickly followed.  Since those heady days of 2001, Adam has become an established presence on Seattle’s club circuit.  More recently, Adam has shifted into doing funky alternative wedding gigs, as it brings him great joy to share his love of music with people who are looking to enjoy themselves and have an amazing night of dancing and fun – something the club scene surprisingly doesn’t always offer.

Steve Shapero/Compuer Paul.  Steve started DJ’ing in Montreal in 1994 and moved to NYC in 1996 to accelerate his career.  He quickly began establishing himself at the center of the 90’s Brooklyn outlaw party scene, which involved finding obscure and often unoccupied warehouse spaces and turning them into one night parties.  Steve became increasingly involved in managing the sound systems for the parties, and also began producing his own original music.  Steve has released an EP with acclaimed vocalist Michelle Amador on Bagpak records and has several more releases scheduled to come out in 2009.  Steve got into doing wedding gigs for his friends because everyone he knew had kids and got too old to go out to parties.

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